Beautiful wood lamps which can light your house up

DIY wood lamps and chandeliers projects which are easy enough to be made by anyone and still look stylish and edgy enough to look like bought from a designer’s shop.

Drift wood and old metallic steam punk lamps are usually combined for a vintage, industrial effect which has its uniqueness and degree of personalization we love. You will encounter among the pieces from the gallery below simple, yet very visually pleasant pieces and dramatic branch chandeliers perfect for over the dinning room table, pieces that will remark themselves by the shape and texture of the wood used and by the impressive effect they can have over a room.

  • The mason jar re-purposed light
  • Art piece lamp
  • Steam-punk style
  • 25-Beautiful-DIY-Wood-Lamps-And-Chandeliers-That-Will-Light-Up-Your-Home-homesthetics-12
  • Or a more modern approach
  • 25-Beautiful-DIY-Wood-Lamps-And-Chandeliers-That-Will-Light-Up-Your-Home-homesthetics-11 (1)1
  • Dramatic chandelier
  • 25-Beautiful-DIY-Wood-Lamps-And-Chandeliers-That-Will-Light-Up-Your-Home-homesthetics-5