Easy steps to frame a mirror

If you are wondering what I meant by this title, let me explain. What all home owners are looking for is that one piece that is exquisite yet functional. What they all yearn for is this main focal point for their décor as someone enters the room. They want an object in their homes that is striking and pleasing to the eye. In fact they are hoping that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. The framed wall mirror can give you this effect. It can be mesmerizing and demands ones attention.

Here is what we did

Step 1: Purchase a frame from your local craft store. If you choose to paint your frame, this is the part where you would paint it. (more…)

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Bedroom Organization Tips

Our bedrooms can be our sanctuary within our homes, and all too often they get cluttered. Whether you have tons of clothes or you simply don’t have enough space for all of your stuff, bedroom organizers can make your room come together and make it easier to keep track of your belongings. There are many different kinds of bedroom organizers that can be made to work with any type of bedroom décor. (more…)

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Suggestions about how to furnishing your room with limited budget

There are lots of ways you can avoid major expenses when you take advantage of a few simple tips to find awesome deals on apartment furnishings.

1.Contacted friends and family members for cast-offs.
He was offered a sofa from my grandfather, a kitchen table from my mother, but ultimately his big score was the two-year-old sofa and loveseat my brother decided he didn’t care for! Hubby gave Sonny-boy his old bed frame from his bachelor days, and we told him to take his mattress and box springs. Asking for cast-offs is the cheapest way to furnish your apartment.



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Tips on how to choose right bed frames

A bed frame is the integral part of a bed which is used to position a mattress or setting a foundation on the floor. In general bed frame is made of metal or wood outline that makes the basic foundation of the bed. Bed frame provides extra strength to bed to stand straight and to retain the mattress in its own place. It is often called bed stead also and it has different integral parts like side boards, footboard, and headboards, center support rail, bed posts and some other common features.

Bed frames can be of different types:

1. Metal bed frames
2. Wooden bed frames
3. Platform bed frames
4. Waterbed frame
5. Aluminium bed frames
6. Canopy bed frames



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