Fashionable DIY Decorating Trend Ideas

People are busier than ever and struggling to keep up with demands which makes relaxing at home a necessity. Simple and elegant, warm and inviting provide the inspiration. In with all hand made furniture, out with French Country.

Combination of Metals

While in the past, decorators preferred to work with only one metal finish in every room, the trend is now leaning more towards a combination of metals. You will often see rooms that have a decor of both gold and silver that are blended seamlessly for a flawless finish. So, if you’re looking for the perfect mirror to go with this combination, look for a mirror frame that has both gold and silver in it. Depending on the usage of each metal in your room, you could go for say, a predominant silver look with just a hint of gold that looks oh so elegant.

I know my professional colleagues may have their tail-feathers ruffled by my opinion on this subject and I’ll save response to any bent feathers for a future article. For now let’s just say, “The Lady wants to decorate her own home” and offer a few questions which may shape her experience along the way:

Top Ten Decorating Trends:

1. Home made accents: From hand made sofa throws to embellished lamp shades, there’s plenty of room for DIY projects this year. Anything that looks hand made or traditional is in.

2. Natural Elements: Bamboo flooring and rattan furniture are hot. Anything that reflects elements of nature such as wood is in.

3. Colors: Blues and greens set in a neutral background are the in colors for 2007. Wall colors in creamy beige’s and gold with warm browns and pumpkin spice accents will be the dominant force.

4.Elements form the East

Another hot new DIY home decor idea is to add a decorative touch from ancient China or the Middle East to an all-out western room. While the obvious choice would be to pick up a piece of pottery or a painting or perhaps, some wall tapestry, why not try something different. Put up a mirror with an oriental frame with pagodas or use a mirror as a background with a Middle Eastern inspired grid to cover it.
I have great admiration for the home decorating do-it-yourself-er. It’s not an easy job but the rewards are self-evident. Once the dust has settled and the new furniture is in place, the art is hung and accessories artfully distributed there’s nothing quite like the praise of friends who wish they could do what you have just done.