Suggestions about how to furnishing your room with limited budget

There are lots of ways you can avoid major expenses when you take advantage of a few simple tips to find awesome deals on apartment furnishings.

1.Contacted friends and family members for cast-offs.
He was offered a sofa from my grandfather, a kitchen table from my mother, but ultimately his big score was the two-year-old sofa and loveseat my brother decided he didn’t care for! Hubby gave Sonny-boy his old bed frame from his bachelor days, and we told him to take his mattress and box springs. Asking for cast-offs is the cheapest way to furnish your apartment.


2.Habitat For Humanity Restore.
Habitat For Humanity takes furniture, old doors, windows, toilets, sinks, etc donations. Sometimes you can really “find” some great stuff! Hubby and I found our (new in box) outdoor lights at Habitat For Humanity years ago, and then saw the exact same lighting at the Great Indoors later that same year for over three times the price we paid at Restore! Some of the donations are remainders from big-box and hardware stores, as well as from housing reconstruction and general donations from everyday people.

3.Purchase Off-Brand Furniture
Although name-brand furniture has the designer name, you can often find nearly identical pieces from off brands for a fraction of the cost. You’ll end up with some great pieces, and nobody will ever know the difference.

Finally, you could always make some of the decorations that you’re putting up around your home. This might sound hokey, but it can actually turn out pretty good. You could buy art supplies and simply pattern a canvas with different colors, creating a masterpiece that others will ooh and ahhhh over.

While it takes a bit of time and creativity, you can decorate and furnish your apartment without spending a lot of money. Simply set a budget and make sure not to go over it. Take advantage of the ideas above. Before you know it, you’ll have a place that that you and your friends and family will love.