Headboards DIY

It was during medieval times that people started realizing the dual function of headboards not only as a bed warmer but also as a valuable accessory to enhance the look of the room and prominently display the status and wealth of the owner. Thus wooden headboards with intricate carvings were high in demand for those who could afford them. Upholstered headboards also became stylish during this time for their comfort as well as the intensely luxurious feel they lent to the bedroom. Some wooden headboards form the medieval times were so strong that they can be found in an excellent condition, even today.

In today’s modern times when we live in better heated and better insulated buildings the function of a headboard has changed. Nowadays headboards are used to hold the Pillows or bed linens. The headboard can perform a variety of functions. It can be used for simple storage. You can use the headboard to hold pillows and bed linens or you can design it to contain a bookshelf and keep a few books or other items on it. The headboard also performs a number of comfort functions. When you are watching TV or reading a book you can sit up and lean against the headboard. Headboards can be very comfortable and may be accompanied by a spragging board at the foot of the bed. The spragging board can also be used for storage or to provide comfort for the feet.


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